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Our Hairstyles

Single Braids

A pretty single braid with 5 beads of your choice included – extra $5 for a charm. 

Color Braids

A beautiful braid done with colorful threads of your choice and 5 beads at the bottom – extra $5 for a charm

Premade Wraps

Our popular colorful premade wraps are attached to your hair with a single braid, you can re-use and save it as a souvenir-extra $5 for a charm

3 or 4 Corn Rows

A unique and fancy style of hair braiding in which the hair is braided very close to the scalp.

Full Crown

Whole front cornrows are always a hit and never a miss. No need to worry about doing your hair on vacation. 

Hair Wraps

Each hair wrap is a uniquely created design wrapped around your own hair! You can select your colors and choose your adornments from a wide selection of beads and charms!

* All beads included. *** $5 for each charm.

Temporary Tattoos

Airbrush Tattoos

Our awesome airbrush tattoos are not only realistic in their appearance; they are also long lasting and can be applied in black or colors! They are water resistant, hypo-allergenic and FDA approved!

Glitter Tattoos

Popular for all ages and an excellent alternative to Airbrush tattoos. Glitter tattoos are non toxic, skin safe, and are waterproof.

Care Instructions

♥ You can wash your hair as normal just don’t brush your braids and avoid conditioner on top of the braids
♥️ Our braids are safe to swim and shower just be gentle with them.
♥️ Our tattoos are waterproof, you need to wait 30 min to dry completely before swimming.
♥️ Avoid sunscreen, oils or lotions on top of your tattoo and prevent from scrubbing and rubbing.
And the most important: HAVE FUN!

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If your question it’s not here, please don’t be shy to ask us anything!

It depends on the style you choose, average 15-30min

Up to 1 month for the wraps and color braids
Up to 2 weeks for cornrows
And 2-4 days for tattoos

Our airbrush tattoos are long lasting and looks like a real one. And we also offer glitter tattoo with a variety of color. But please be aware to how to take care of them. 

The tattos are water resistent, hypo-allergenic and FDA approved. 

We welcome all ages. There is something for everyone!

It doesn’t matter it can be dry or wet.

What people says about us

I love my tattoo! Can’t wait to show my friends from school!
Hillary Millet
It was so fun to have my hair done. I am in love with my new look!
Summer Smith
I always look forward to get my hair wrapped at the resort’s pool hut! Thank you!!!
Giana Lopes

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*No appointments.